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Happy Anniversary AAF Omaha

On May 28, 1906, to be exact – when three men waiting out a sudden rainstorm under an awning of Omaha’s downtown Brandeis Store they agreed that they should “meet together more often.” Read More

Back to the Classics: PKL: The Art of the Campaign

Wolfschmidt Ad

Legendary ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach’s wild stepchild was Papert Koenig Lois (PKL). Founded in 1960 by two of DDB’s most talented creatives — cool, sardonic copywriter Julian Koenig and explosively profane art director George Lois — PKL took Bill Bernbach’s principles and literally ran with them. Read More

Back to the Classics: An Entire Marketing Education in One Ad

I wish I would have known about the work of Doyle Dane Bernbach while I was going to college.

The university I attended didn’t have a course on advertising history, so I never got to study the incredible portfolio of this legendary 1960s ad agency. In hindsight, I could have saved myself a fortune in tuition. Nearly everything you need to know about creating great advertising can be learned just by examining one of DDB’s print pieces. Read More

Back to the Classics: Quotes From the Master

Being a doting disciple of legendary ad man Bill Bernbach, I have quotes from him plastered all over my walls. I read them over and over when I get into a creative rut or feel burned out. They’re worth a column all to themselves. Read More

Back to the Classics: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Perfect Ad

As I said in last month’s column, one of the reasons the 1960s are called advertising’s “Golden Age” is because the work sold products. The copywriters from this period didn’t believe Marshall McLuhan’s dubious adage “The media is the message.” To them, the message was the message. Read More

Back to the Classics: Golden Age

In July, I gave a presentation at the AdBites lunch about the Creative Revolution of the 1960s, what many call advertising’s “golden age.” People were pretty interested in the topic — so much so that AAF Omaha asked me to write a monthly column about it in this newsletter. Glad to oblige. Here goes: Read More

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