Seeking Potential Local Spokespersons

All over the country, small business owners, publishers, and entrepreneurs are using interest based advertising to reach their customer base.  Many of these are AAF Ad Club members.  Their budgets are tight, their offerings are specific, and their audiences are tailored; clearly, the Internet is a cost efficient and effective marketplace in which they can advertise.  
Not everyone shares our appreciation of the Internet economy, however.  There are activists in Washington and beyond working every day to fundamentally change the Internet and Internet advertising for the worse – not only making the consumer experience more complex but also ultimately threatening the lifeblood of businesses that utilize the Internet.
To make sure the vital role of interest based online advertising in the Internet economy is well understood by policymakers and the public, the Digital Advertising Alliance (of which AAF is a member) is seeking real businesspeople to tell their stories and share how that advertising is creating real benefits for them, their employees, and their consumers. As successful businessmen and women, they strengthen our communities, create jobs, and contribute to the economy – these are stories that must be told.
These stories will range from the small businessperson or entrepreneur whose advertising now reaches a better, more relevant audience; to the publisher who generates more revenue with less advertising space; to the Internet user who sees ads for products and services that match their interests. In short, they will be drawn from all components of online commerce.
We are looking for local AAF members willing to tell the story of how they became successful, and how the Internet and interest based online advertising has helped.  We will make sure that story is shared and amplified in your community and beyond. 
Anyone who may want to participate or would like to learn more can contact me at or 202-898-0089.
Thank you for your help and support.
Clark Rector
Executive Vice President-Government Affairs
American Advertising Federation
Follow me on Twitter @ClarkRector1

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