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Five Things You Didn’t Know About AAF Omaha Member Brooke Wittrock

Brooke Wittrock 2018

My name is Brooke Wittrock. I am the director of marketing at Boys Town National Research Hospital. I’ve been with Boys Town Hospital for 11 years and honestly can say the time flies when you are having fun. I work with a team of eight incredibly talented staff and we are responsible for the development and implementation of strategic marketing campaigns that hopefully have increased your level of awareness of Boys Town healthcare services (aka: Boys Town Pediatrics, Boys Town Ear, Nose and Throat, Specialty Care, Same Day Pediatrics, and more). Read More

Five Things You Didn’t Know about AAF Omaha Member Rod Coleman

Rod Coleman 2017

I joined Bozell in 2015 after four years as the marketing manager of a South Korean manufacturing subsidiary, Dae Seong Gear/EM Gear. I am currently the Director of Project Management which means I help improve processes to make work flow through the agency smoother. I also work with a variety of clients including Omaha Performing Arts, Greater Omaha Packing and Grain Systems. Read More

Student Profile | Madison Siglin | Creative Center


While attending the Creative Center and enjoying my time here, I have really found my life’s purpose. I have developed my fine art skills – and now computer skills – over the past two years. This year will be my last, as I learn more of the business side of the Graphic Design field. The school has helped me to understand what really makes good design and the discipline needed to succeed. Read More

Student Profile | Molly Rogers | Creighton University

Molly  (2)

After taking a couple of graphic design classes in high school I was certain about my decision to enroll as a graphic design major at Creighton University. As fate would have it, I had an Intro to Public Relations and Advertising class with Dr. Jeff Maciejewski. That same year, he prompted me to attend my first Meet the Pros. It was then that my love for advertising began to take shape. I decided to pursue a second major in journalism with an emphasis in advertising. Read More

Student Profile | Ryan Lloyd | Creighton University

Ryan Lloyd CU Student Profile pic for October 2017

Over the years of being at Creighton, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to grow as a graphic designer with multiple different on-campus jobs doing the same kind of work. I’ve created a variety of posters, run social media accounts, and photographed and taken videos of events as the Director of Communications of the Inter Residence Hall Government. I’ve also designed many other posters and logos for different organizations and departments on campus as a graphic designer in the Division of Student Life’s Creative Suite. I even had the opportunity to attend the Meet the Pros conference put on by the AAF Omaha last year, which allowed me to receive a scholarship from the Federation as well. Read More

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