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Student Profile | Jase Hueser | University of Nerbaska at Kearney

Jase Hueser UNK 2018

My name is Jase Hueser. I am originally from Papillion, Nebraska. I have always found art compelling and invested much of my early years into music and drawing. I was pulled in by the duality of art, as it contains both an intellectual rationality and dense emotion. In my junior high years, I discovered the wonders of branding and typography. Understanding what makes a clever logo and more importantly, a successful implementation of an identity had become an obsession of mine. I was thrilled to discover that design was a vocation that I could potentially pursue. Thus began years of experimentation as I studied designers and relentlessly tried my hand at it. Read More

Five Things You Didn’t Know About AAF Omaha Member Shannon Garner

Shannon Garner 2018 Profile Photo

Shannon’s favorite AAF event to attend is
AdConnect so I can meet and chat with as many attendees as I can throughout the evening, and have a beer or two lol. I look forward to meeting you at AAF Omaha’s next AdConnect on April 26th at Kith & Kin. Remember this event is a Member Perk and free to AAF Omaha members. Read More

Student Profile | Kristi Bolling | Creative Center

Kristi Bolling Creative Center Student 2018

Recently, I volunteered to assist during the American Advertising Awards – Nebraska ADDYs judging day this year at SKAR. I had a lot of fun meeting professionals from across the country and seeing the work that was entered for the Nebraska ADDYs this year. I also attended Meet the Pros this year and significantly enjoyed the event. The speakers spoke of the hurdles they went through and how they overcame each one. There was a portfolio critique, and I managed to visit three pros, who gave me helpful advice on expanding my skills. Read More

Five Things You Didn’t Know About AAF Omaha Member Erica Rowe

2015 October 09 - Staff at OBI Creative in Omaha, NE.

I have a passion for making things pretty – taking chaos and making it organized, beautiful and easy to understand. Graphic design in a nutshell I guess. As a Creative Director, I am passionate about helping others in their journey to make things beautiful/solve problems/succeed. There are always going to be challenges and hard situations to deal with but if you can face them with positivity and a passion to solve them together then everyone wins. Read More

Student Profile | Carlos Velasco | University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Carlos Velasco Headshot 2018

I had the chance to attend AAF Omaha’s Meet the Pros with the awesome support of our AIGA faculty advisor and professor Colleen Syron. This was a really great event to attend and I was able to hear some wonderful presentations, network with professionals and also most importantly get one on one portfolio and resumé reviews. My time as a student member of AAF Omaha has also been beneficial as it’s opened up the doors to other opportunities such as the National AAF Most Promising Multicultural Student Award, where the excellent professor and mentor Amy Struthers nominated me. I’ll get to attend the special conference in New York in February and network with ad professionals and recruiters from across the country! Read More

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